Great Wolf Lodge Payment Options: Cash, Cards & Wallets

Does Great Wolf Lodge accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and American Express (AMEX)? Well read this blog post and learn more about the accepted payment methods and options for bookings and check-ins at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Does Great Wolf Lodge Accept Cash?

No, Great Wolf Lodges does not accept cash. All major credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If you have any questions about payment methods, please contact the lodge directly.

Does Great Wolf Lodge Accept Debit Cards?

No, debit cards are not recommended at Great Wold Lodge but are still accepted subject to company policies.

The reason debit cards are not recommended is that they can result in overdraft fees if the cardholder does not have enough money in their account to cover the purchase.

However, Great Wolf Lodge reserves the right to accept or decline any form of payment at its own discretion.

Does Great Wolf Lodge accept Credit Cards?

Yes, Great Wolf Lodge accepts credit cards. You can use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express credit card to book your stay.

They also accept debit cards, cash, and traveler’s checks. For more information, please visit our website or contact our reservations department.

Does Great Wolf Lodge accept Apple Pay?

No, Great Wolf Lodge does not accept Apple Pay. However, they do accept other forms of payment, such as credit cards and debit cards.

Does Great Wolf Lodge accept AMEX?

Yes, Great Wolf Lodge does accept American Express (AMEX) credit and debit cards as a form of payment. You can use the AMEX debit cards to access the Lodge wristbands too.

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